Member Benefits

Your membership at 12-22 North comes with so many benefits, and there are even more! Take a look at some of the perks of being a member below.

Back yard recreational space

Use of backyard for taking a break and hosting events. Part of a Pollinator program.

Solar Power

Solar powered electrons streaming from our 4.2kW array on-site and aggregate net metered 7kW 2-axis tracker a mile away.

Individual private offices

Individual private offices

Zero-waste Conference Room

Variety of matching serivice wear for events and dishwasher

Covered bike shelter

If you are able to commute by bike, this is a stylish way to keep you seat nice and clean during inclimate weather.

Burlington Waterfront

Gateway to the waterfront from the Old North End.  Places to enjoy include Waterfront Park, A-dog Skate Park, Sailing Center and ECHO Center.  Just one block from Grace Potter's Grand Point North mid September

Old North End Restaurants

Easy walking distance to Burlington's most diverse mix of Ethnic food.  Dumplings, sushi and good old Vermont burgers. Check out our website for a list!

Reduced IoT Conduit Membership

Reduced Professional Membership Fees and Discounts on IoT Conduit Events. 

Gateway to Colorado as a second market

It has never been easier to call Colorado your second work home.   Keep current in the latest trends and markets in renewable energy, outdoor recreation and sustainability.   

Grand Central Ramble Roundup

12-22North is the current home to the Ramble Roundup.  We block off North Avenue and Drew Street the last Saturday in July to deliver a night of community fun.  The stage for over 5 hours of music is visible to both the Old North Ender and the Radio Bean beer…

Lake Overlook Airbnbs

Blocks from several world-class living spaces .....

Barter for Sustainability Professionals

Bring down your membership by bartering your services to get 12-22North to Net-zero in energy and stormwater.  Engineers, architects, designers, graphic artists, and others needed.

LoRaWAN Network

LoRaWAN is an emerging wireless IoT technology which promises to enable ubiquitous networks of low-power, low-cost sensing devices to be brought online cost-effectively.  We have 2 LoRaWAN radios on premise to start building out a city-wide network of environmental sensors meant to baseline water quality and other environmental concerns.   

Bring your IoT Device

Test your sensor / software using the living 12-22North Labs.

Note: Not all benefits are available to all memberships, and all benefits are subject to availability.